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Head Professional, Jack Frances prides himself on his coaching keep his knowledge up to date with all the new techniques and information provided by different coaches all over the world. Each lesson taken with Jack will be used with the SkyTrak Launch Monitor giving real time feedback on ball flight, club head speed, spin rates and most importantly a ball flight. This makes Jack teaching more in depth to help you achieve not just short terms goals but also your long term golfing experience.

What do you get from having a lesson with Jack?

-  Use of SKYTRAK Monitor for all lessons
- Video Analysis 
- After lesson report with Videos and 'Work On' notes
- Access to Jack for all post lesson quieries about your last lesson and catch up between lessons 

Lesson Pricing

1 Hour Golf Lesson - £45 

30 Minute Golf Lesson - £35 

2 Hour On-Course Lesson - £85 

Block Lesson Promotions 

Buy 6 x 1 Hour Golf Lessons for the Price of 5 - £225 

Buy 6 x 30 Minute Golf Lessons for the Price of 5 - £175 

Buy 12 x 1 Hour Golf Lessons for the price of 10 - £450 

If you would like to book a lesson please click the link below

Lesson Vouchers

If you would like to buy lessons for a loved one or golfing partner, the Professional Shop can provided Golf Lesson Vouchers. These can be purchased in either the pro shop, over the phone or email which can also be delivered by post or email. 

If you would like more information about Jacks golf lessons and would like to know more please email