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Etiquette And Dress Code

North Middlesex understands that fashion in golf is ever changing and embraces these changes for the good of the game. We do however expect our members and visitors to abide by the following dress code.

Dress Code

On the course
  • Recognised golf shoes must be worn on the golf course
  • Recognised golf wear must also be worn on the golf course
  • No football or rugby style tops
  • No jeans/cargo or combat style trousers
  • Shorts must be tailored
In the bar
  • Jeans are allowed, although these should not be ripped
  • Smart casual dress code
  • Hats and visors to be removed


In order to keep our course in the best condition and to increase enjoyment for all we would like to remind our members and visitors to abide by the following:

  • Please repair all pitch marks that you make on the putting surfaces. If you see one that you have not made, we would ask you to kindly repair it.
  • Please replace all divots that you make on the fairways. Any divots made on the tees should be repaired with the divot mix (provided in the divot boxes on the tee).
  • Please rake any bunkers that you enter, making sure they are clear of any footmarks when you leave.
  • If your ball is going offline and towards another group, please remember to shout FORE in order to warn them in plenty of time
  • If a group behind you is quicker and you are holding them up with no one in front of you, then please let them play through.