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Membership Options

Please click on the categories below for more information on our membership options.

Membership Categories

Full 7 Day Membership

Our full day membership is for those who want unlimited access to our course Monday – Sunday. You will be able to play in all Club competitions and receive full membership benefits.

Full 7 Day Membership Price £1,585

Full 5 Day Membership

Our five day membership is for those who want unlimited access to our Course Monday –Friday. You will be able to play in all midweek club competitions and receive full membership benefits.

Price £1,325


Intermediate Membership (18-39)

Full 7 day membership. Price dependent on age category.

  • 18-25 years: £550
  • 26-30 years: £950
  • 31-35 years: £1,200
  • 36-39 years: £1,450

Social Membership

Social Members enjoy

  • full use of the Club’s dining facilities run by the Black Orchid 7 days a week.
  • Use of the Club’s bar facilities in the lounge/dining room and outside patio and terrace overlooking one of the finest finishing holes in Middlesex.
  • Social Members recieve 15% off food and drinks when using their club card.
  • For just £130 a year, of which £25 is put back on your card for you to spend behind the bar, you can enjoy the ambience and facilities of the clubhouse as well as partaking in the Club's social calendar. 
  • Guests of Members are more than welcome at the Club, limited to 3 guests per visit.


Can I pay my membership in instalments?

We currently offer Members the option to pay in two installments. 

I am a 5 day member. Am I allowed to use the clubhouse facilities on the weekend?

Yes, while your access to the Course and the practice facilities are restricted to Monday-Friday, we encourage all of our 5 day members to use our bar and catering facilities at the weekend. This also includes attending weekend social events.

Does membership allow me to store my clubs in a locker and my trolley in the trolley shed?

We do have lockers available which are priced at £50 per annum for a small locker and £70 per annum for a large locker (subject to availability). Both small and large lockers have enough room in them to fit a set of golf clubs.

We do have a trolley shed to store trolleys (£40 per annum) however there is currently a waiting list for this facility. The Club is, however, looking into ways of increasing this facility if possible.

Do you provide parking facilities for when I am at the Club?

Yes, we have ample parking facilities for our Members and their guests. If the car park is full, then there are few parking restrictions on the roads directly outside the golf club.

As a Member, can I bring a guest to play and how many guests can I bring?

Yes and we encourage you to do so. Members can sign guests in at a reduced rate and can bring a maximum of three guests at a time. A Member cannot bring the same guest (at a reduced rate) more than three times in a year.

I want to be competitive. How easy is it to gain a handicap?

All you will need to do is put three cards in which will need to be marked by a Member. We can organise these for you and we encourage Members to gain a handicap as soon as possible so they can start competing in competitions and represent the Club.

I don’t know anyone else at the Club. How will I be integrated into club life?

When you join, we will arrange a game with some existing Members of similar standard. We also have regular swindles, where you turn up and get drawn to play with random Members. We also offer a mentoring scheme for anyone interested. Please enquire in the office.

When does the membership year start?

Your membership year starts when you join. We do not offer pro rata fees so, for example, if you join us in September then your membership renewal will be due in September the following year.


Membership Enquiries

To apply for membership please call us on 020 8445 1604 or complete the enquiry form.